Toby D. Griffen


Most of what's been happening with me can be found on my web site <>, which is just "above" this one.
I married Beverley Watkins on 5 November 1994. She's a clinical social worker who has worked both in the public and the private sector. She was the director of the mental health program in the next county over before taking on a private practice, and she's interested in writing.
My son Marcus (from a previous marriage) was born on 18 May 1982. He's a good kid and an Eagle Scout. He showed no interest in The Citadel (strange how sanity can emerge in a family quite without warning). He got his B.A. in philosophy from SIUE in December, 2004 and will be going to SIU Carbondale for graduate work in philosophy in the fall, 2006.
I was a professor of German at SIUE, though my degree is in linguistics and most of my work is in Celtic. Beverley and I made it down to Charleston for about 10 days in the summer of 1998 and stayed in a "beach cabin" in the Isle of Palms. Then we came back for the reunion – the first one I'd made, thanks to a well positioned sabbatical. The sabbatical got me thinking and figuring, and I retired on 31 May 2004.
I'm still an assistant scout master (having burned out as cubmaster/den leader in Cub Scouts, I relish the term "assistant"), and will take over as troop chair this summer.

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